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At American Chiropractic Center Erlangen, we provide high quality care to patients through the expertise of Dr. Mohammadi. The spine is an important part of your body, and any misalignment (subluxation) in your spine has the potential to affect many different parts of your body and health. Dr. Zahra is able to detect the problem and offer you various treatment options. You will be amazed at how much better you feel, even after just a few treatments. Chiropractic care can truly make a difference to you. After all no one should live in pain, even as they age.

We specialized in the treatment of spinal pain and also wellness care, utilizing the latest in the technology. Our mission is to direct people to the realization that healing comes from within and that promotion of health and wellness is superior to the treatment of disease.

Dr. Zahra

Dr. Zahra Mohammadi is a North Carolina board certified licensed chiropractor, specializing in providing complete, safe, gentle and effective chiropractic treatment for a wide variety of conditions. With 10 years of chiropractic training, acupuncture training and education under her belt, she has treated hundreds of patients with neuromusculoskeletal conditions, arthritis, sports and auto/work related injuries. Dr. Zahra had stunning success with these conditions and many others.

Chiropraktik Erlangen Dr. Zahra

Chiropractic in Erlangen

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Chiropraktik in Erlangen

Chiropractic Adjustment

Spinal manipulation relieves pressure on joints, reduces inflammation, and improves nerve function. It is the primary chiropractic treatment for back pain.
Chiropraktik in Erlangen

Spinal Decompression

If you are suffering from chronic back pain, disc bulge, disc prolapse, degenerative disc disease, spondyloarthrosis, non-osseous stenosis, and or sciatica, Spinal decompression is for you.
Chiropraktik in Erlangen

Kinesio Taping

With kinesio taping we can improve injuries, support weak zones, re-educate muscles in your body, enhance performance and help with lymphatic and circulatory system.
Chiropraktik in Erlangen

Triggerpoint Therapy

Trigger point therapy is a soft tissue technique that works to release painful tension in muscles and fascia that you would usually experience as a knot in the muscle.
Functional Examination

Functional Examination

Using the best and the latest technology, we analyze your posture and movement for any dysfunction and then prescribe the corrective exercise to help improve your health and wellbeing.

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BJ Palmer

Doctor of Chiropractic Education
in America

Chiropractic doctors go through a minimum of four years of schooling at a chiropractic college, generally preceded by an undergraduate degree (four years) in the basic sciences or several years of experience in a prior relevant health care field.
Students of chiropractic care must spend a minimum of at least 4,200 hours with their teacher, and a minimum of 1,000 hours of fully supervised clinical training with an instructor as they learn the appropriate diagnosis and treatment techniques to help heal your body and restore it to its natural, fully functioning state.

After graduation, doctors should pass their state board examination in order to obtain an active license and practice in their state. Afterward they are required to take Continuing Education courses to maintain their active license. Dr. Mohammadi is not only bringing her experience to Erlangen, but her valuable education.

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What should I wear?

You can wear your everyday cloths, we might ask you to remove your belt or take your watch off so you can lie comfortably.

How can I pay?

We accept EC card and Cash payments.

What costs will my statutory health insurance company cover?

As alternative healing methods, chiropractic and osteopathy are usually NOT part of the regular service catalog of statutory health insurance companies, which is why you usually have to cover the costs of the treatment yourself. Please speak to your healthinsurance in advance.

Can I get a treatment on prescription?

We are a private practice, which means you pay for your treatment immediately afterwards.

Can I get an invoice?

Yes, we can provide you and invoice after each treatment as soon as we have the diagnosis code.

How many treatments will I need?

Every patient will be assessed by the doctor and she will put a treatment care plane base on your need and her findings.

Can Children be adjusted?

Yes, we highly encourage kids to get adjusted not only to help with any musckeloskeletal issues that they might have but also to help with the nervous and immune system.