Triggerpunkt Therapie Erlangen

Trigger Point Therapy

What is Trigger point therapy?

Trigger point therapy is a soft tissue technique that works to release painful tension in muscles and fascia that you would usually experience as a knot in the muscle. There are many different approaches to trigger point therapy including soft tissue work, deep tissue massage, dry needling and ischemic pressure to name a few.

What is trigger point?

A trigger point is a small, tight area in the muscle fibers and fascia, which restricts blood flow to the area and causes pain. Trigger points become so tight, they can be felt underneath the skin. They are typically very sensitive, causing a severe amount of pain that seems out of proportion to the pressure being applied. Weakness, small tears, tense muscles, dehydration, and even poor diet can cause trigger points to form.

Preventing Trigger Point

Some trigger point prevention strategies you can try at home include:

  • Regular stretching and exercise
  • Foam roller treatment
  • Proper posture
  • Quality sleep
  • Nutritious diet
  • Staying hydrated

But when trigger points do surface and pain is prevalent, a knowledgeable Physician can find the right trigger point therapy to help.