Dr. Zahra Mohammadi

Dr. Zahra’s

At a glance

  • Committed and visionary chiropractic physician with extensive medical knowledge and market know-how, filling the gap for new technologies and patient needs
  • Expertise: Leadership (founded her own clinic) | collaboration and knowledge exchange | development & implementation of treatment plans | execution of specific physical assessments on various types of patients (female, veterans, children) | application of most effective techniques, e.g., Thompson technique, Activator technique, Gonstead technique
  • Extensive medical background: Establishing of own Chiropractic Clinic in Cary, NC, USA | X-ray diagnostic procedures and protocols | Flexion distraction therapy | Kinesio taping techniques including for athletes | ultrasound treatment of the soft tissue injuries | electrical muscle stimulation treatment of the soft tissue injuries | laser / heat treatment for acute cases | acupuncture treatment for the infertility and hormone imbalance and musculoskeletal issues | full spinal adjustment | extremity adjustment | assessment and low-impact adjustment using different activator modules | Thompson Drop technique for precise adjustment | nutritional consultation

Work Experience and education

10/2009 – 12/2018 Mohammadi Chiropractic Clinic | Cary, North Carolina, USA
10/2009 – 12/2018 Preston Family Chiropractic | Cary, North Carolina, USA
03/2005 – 06/2008 Doctor Degree in Chiropractic | Palmer College of Chiropractic | Davenport, Iowa, USA
06/2003 – 06/2006 Joint Bachelor Degree in Science | Palmer College of Chiropractic & Simon Fraser University | Davenport, Iowa, USA & Burnaby, BC, Canada
09/2000 – 12/2003 Associate Degree in Science | Douglas College | New Westminster, BC, Canada

Active licenses and memberships

2009 – present North Carolina State Board of Chiropractic Examiners
2011 – present Fellowship in Acupuncture from New York Chiropractic College
Education conducted by International Academy of Medical Acupuncture Fellowship in acu

Member of North Carolina Chiropractic Association

Used techniques

  • Diversified technique: Application of a short low-amplitude, quick (high-velocity) thrust over restricted joints one at a time
  • Thompson technique: segmental drop table that allows for a high-speed, low-force adjustment
  • Activator technique: The method employs a special tool that is spring-loaded and delivers a direct jolt, or “activation”, to a specific vertebra or area of the spine
  • Active release technique: soft tissue method that focuses on relieving tissue tension via the removal of fibrosis/adhesions which can develop in tissues as a result of overload due to repetitive use
  • Gonstead technique: a spinal assessment by conducting a thorough analysis of your spine using five criteria to detect the presence of the vertebral subluxation complex. Visualization, Instrumentation, Static Palpation, Motion Palpation, X-Ray Analysis
  • Foot Leveler Orthotics 3D scan: to further assess the gait and get a visual of the three arches in patient feet and determining if further support is needed to help with their misalignment in their spine
  • Spinal thermal/ surface Electromyography scan (sEMG scan): sEMG reads the amount of electric current in your muscles to determine how well your motor nerves are functioning and if they are symmetrical. Thermography measures temperature differences along your spine. The scan helps find the precious area of subluxation and nerve disturbance
  • EMI (Electro meridian imaging) scan: examining the meridian system, bilateral 24 specific Yuan points of the wrist and ankles for only three seconds per point through electronic measurement. The reading shows the status of the meridians may be determined by being too high or too low in relation to the base average

More about Dr. Zahra

Dr. Mohammadi is a North Carolina board certified Licensed chiropractor, specializing in providing complete, safe, gentle and effective chiropractic treatment for a wide variety of conditions. With 10 years of chiropractic training, acupuncture training and education under her belt, she has treated hundreds of patients with neuromusculoskeletal conditions, arthritis, sports and auto/work related injuries. Dr. Zahra had stunning success with these conditions and many others.

Dr. Mohammadi graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic, Davenport IA, united States, in 2008. She established Mohammadi Chiropractic Clinic in Cary, North Carolina in 2009 and since then she has built a reputation for excellence. With a holistic family wellness approach, she was one of the most renowned chiropractors in the Triangle area until 2018 when she moved to Germany with her family.

By employing a whole body approach and assessing neuromusculoskeletal components, Dr. Zahra combines the very best hands-on techniques and instrument techniques using the state of the art equipment. Her ultimate goal is to assist you in accelerated healing and maintaining a healthier and happier life.